Small groups, big evenings!

The Levantine cuisine is like no other to feast together with friends, colleagues or family. What could be better than everyone ordering just one starter and one main course? How about seven, eight, nine or ten starters and main courses – all at the same price! At Weilands, we specialize in providing larger groups with that special shared dining experience. 

We call it “Family Style.”

And it works like this: You tell us a budget per person and your personal preferences and nogo`s (vegetarian, vegan, allergies, etc.) – and we serve you across the menu different mezze and main dishes , which you can then eat together on your “sharing plates”. So you get to enjoy many different dishes at the same time – and not just one or two as usual. It’s all great fun, very varied and communicative.

The alternative: A la carte, but with pre-selection.

Of course you can still order comfortably a la carte. However, for groups of 10 or more, we cannot guarantee that all guests will receive their food at the same time. We therefore recommend that you send us a pre-selection from our menu in advance. That means: You choose four mezze and four main dishes from the menu and tell us one day in advance how many dishes you would like to eat from your pre-selection. 

So simple, so good! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Otherwise, click here to go directly to the reservation.

Because it tastes better together: With our "Family Style" you can enjoy many dishes, but pay no more than for an appetizer and a main course. You tell us your budget, and we'll serve it up. Enjoy your meal!
Whether small or larger groups: We offer the right program for any number of guests. Talk to us about your wishes and ideas - and we will set it up.